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Experienced Recruiters

Experienced Recruiters

The Difference

Sagar Wright will evaluate your existing skills, and then produce a personal development plan for you, enabling you to progress from Recruiter to Professional Headhunter as quickly as possible.

What Sagar Wright offers its Professional Headhunters which may not be available from your employer:

A sizeable geographical area dealing with mid to very senior hires
Our consultants enjoy large geographical markets and access to London & International businesses, rather than relatively constricted geographical areas, and/or constricted levels of hire that they can place within e.g. limited to dealing with only part qualified accountants in West Yorkshire.

Sagar Wright’s policy of security of market
Should you be successful in developing your business, then Sagar Wright will respect your hard work and will ensure your personal ownership of your business rather than breaking it up and giving away parts to others.

Structured, transparent and totally meritocratic reward and promotion structure
All of our employees’ earnings are transparent, and promotion is based upon performance rather than Directors’ discretion.

Our Managers manage; they are not required to recruit and train
Unlike recruitment companies, we do not expect you as a Manager to have to sacrifice much of your time (and earnings) to attract, recruit, and then train your own recruits.

Our system is much better as we recruit and build your team for you, bespoke to your requirements, essentially as if you were one of our own clients!

This means you are able to maximise your time doing what you do best - be a successful Professional Headhunter and a successful Manager.

An endgame whereby you can set up your own business in your own name
Sagar Wright enjoys a Reinvestment Fund of over £2M ensuring Directors who wish to set up their own equity ventures within the Sagar Wright Group do not need to go to the bank or remortgage their houses.

The perfect environment created by everyone for everyone
Our environment and office atmosphere is absolutely terrific and always will be so. Why? Because we regularly ask all of our people what else they wish to add, and implement their ideas accordingly.

Lucrative markets mean lucrative success
You will be provided with access to lucrative headhunting markets & clients dealing at premium rates for premium work. Our highest fee to date has been £98,000 for one person.

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Martin Wigfield

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Peter Knowles

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Degree: Business with Human Resource Management, 1st Class

Role: Manager

I joined Sagar Wright after graduating from Newcastle Business School with 1st Class Honours. My course was a 4 year sandwich course, in which I completed a successful placement with FTSE 250 Recruitment Agency, Hays.

Shortlisted for ‘Best New Addition to the Firm’, my time at Hays left me in no doubt this was the industry for me. Having researched a number of different possible career paths in recruitment, I realised I wanted to recruit at a more senior level and crucially increase my personal development - becoming a Headhunter with Sagar Wright seemed like the right step up in my career.

I started at Sagar Wright, with some raw sales skills and a touch of polish. My learning curve was as steep as I expected, however the support I have received towards my development has been phenomenal. Life as both a Consultant and Senior Consultant is great – you really are afforded the luxury of shaping your own market and turning it into your own business without the danger of a Director chopping it into quarters for other people. The hard work put into skill development, market knowledge and winning new business has thankfully paid off as I started to break firm records, generating the most fee income of any Consultant in my first year out of training and billing every month consecutively for over 2 years (and counting…)

Whilst my time at Sagar Wright has been hard work (what job in recruitment isn’t?), there are a number of welcome lifestyle changes that Sagar Wright have allowed me to make. To mention a few, holidays have included destinations such as New York, Charleston, Barcelona and Croatia. I have enjoyed countless weekends away with friends and family throughout the UK and of course enjoyed everything Leeds has to offer. Like so few things in life, Sagar Wright actually gives you the opportunity to get back out of your work exactly what you put in!

Fast forward to the present day, I lead the Pensions Operations Practice here at Sagar Wright. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge this presents which includes working closely with our Trainees to maximise their results, delivering on assignments for my clients week in week out and building the practice out further to allow others to enjoy the opportunities I have enjoyed since I joined. Next for me is to hand pick the most ambitious individuals to make our already market leading Pensions Operations Practice the best in the country!

Role: Client Director

Having started working within the recruitment industry in 1995, by the time I joined Sagar Wright in December 2001 I considered myself to be an experienced consultant, with a strong track record across a number of firms. That said, I had always previously worked for recruitment firms that were very linear in the way they approach their business. I would regularly hear things like “You can’t work on that role, Garfield: it is in M3 not M2, therefore it is Colin’s area.”, even if I had sourced the role on the back of my own proactive work! Whilst just annoying at first, after a while this really began to grate, and I set out to find a firm that would allow me more freedom.

As soon as I heard that Sagar Wright were in the market for strong experienced hires, I was hopeful. I had worked alongside Steve Wright within one of the National Recruiters, and knew that he and I were of a very similar mindset. If Steve had set up his own firm, I had no doubt that its ethos matched my own: -

  • Large Geographic areas to give the maximum chance of developing significant new business
  • Strong commission structure, designed specifically to reward higher-performing consultants
  • Recession-proof markets, driven by entrepreneurial and regulatory change
  • Headhunting markets rather than recruitment markets, leading to bigger fees, and a stronger partnership relationship with key market stakeholders
  • Clear meritocratic career path with the genuine possibility of Directorship
  • Excellent training, to go from being a good, professional recruitment consultant to being an industry-defining headhunter


2 interviews later, and I was sold, and it has worked out as well as it could possibly have done. Manager within 3 years, Senior Manager in another year, Associate Director the following year, then promoted to Director the following year: 4 promotions in 4 years, whilst building a team to bill over £1.3M from a standing start in 4 years.

I now have the role of Client Director, taking ultimate responsibility for Client Relationship Management, and assisting with Business Development. I also use my experience to upskill the Consultant team, and am responsible for driving attraction, alongside our Commercial Director.

Role: Commercial Director

I graduated with a 1st Class Degree in Business Studies after completing a 4 year course which included a successful Placement within a FTSE 250 recruitment company. I hugely enjoyed many aspects of working in the recruitment sector - the buzz of closing a deal; the sales focussed environment and the office atmosphere, so when I left University, I knew that I wanted to stay within the industry. However I just didn’t feel challenged enough by the nature of agency work and it was this realisation that led me to seek the natural step up in my career to a role within the Headhunting profession. The highly technical, niche markets that Sagar Wright operated in hugely appealed to me, and I was fascinated by the level of detail within the search methodology and the technical skill required to be successful. This was no longer a numbers game, and I knew that this environment was at the top of the industry and thus consequently my personal development would be rapidly accelerated.

I joined in 2009 and I haven’t looked back, 5 promotions in 5 years, culminating in my new of role as Commercial Director, Top Biller 4 years’ in a row, the highest annual billing record in the company’s history and three all expensed holidays to Monte Carlo! I thrive on the challenge, and the support and development from my colleagues has been exceptional since the day I joined.

I’m delighted that I became a part of a privately owned firm rather than returning to a Multi-National, the differences are huge, in particular I enjoyed lots of early responsibility, daily exposure to the M.D. and the ability to suggest, implement and drive a change. No need to wait for the annual employee engagement form, when you make the improvement yourself that day!

I’m massively excited about the future at Sagar Wright with my focus now on attracting high calibre individuals to the business, developing new client relationships and driving the expansion of the firm, alongside my fellow Directors.

The Company

Sagar Wright was founded in 1999 as a premium brand of Professional Headhunters and Talent Acquisition Consultants servicing the UK’s Professional Services Sectors.

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We have organically expanded our premier client portfolio significantly each year, and we now enjoy excellent client relationships across the much wider Financial & Legal spectrums, both in the UK & internationally.

Our business has ambitious growth plans over the next 3 years in particular, and we will be hiring significantly to further drive the level of quality and performance we provide to our esteemed clients, which include global consultancies, law firms, investment banks, fund managers and leading corporate and private client advisory companies.

The bulk of our profits are annually reinvested back into our business to fund our employees’ career and reward aspirations, maximise our resources to guarantee we exceed our clients’ expectations, and to fund our growth objectives over the coming years.

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The Job

Sagar Wright’s Professional Headhunters are heavily challenged and therefore heavily stimulated on a daily basis. The job requires self-motivation, resilience, a hard work ethic and a daily desire to develop skills & knowledge.

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This is an entrepreneurial environment in which our Consultants are required to be highly skilled at written and verbal communication, persuasion, negotiating and selling.

Your training will enable you to be a highly effective dual project manager; managing your clients’ difficult assignments which may be critical to their business objectives, and managing your candidates’ career aspirations, interviews, salary expectations, job offers, counter-offers, and their ultimate transition from present employer to new employer.

A successful Professional Headhunter has a much more testing set of responsibilities, objectives and tasks than that of a Recruitment Consultant, and thus the rewards are naturally much higher in terms of control of: financial success, financial incentives, career progression, skills development, professional status and job satisfaction.

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The Training

The investment of time and money into training and development at Sagar Wright needs to be substantial, such are the demands of regularly producing successful shortlists of top talent for our clients.

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We have therefore developed our own dedicated Training Academy which achieves our clients’ business objectives, our own business objectives, and importantly your development & success objectives. Notably, Recruitment Companies invest significantly less time, money, dedicated training expertise and sadly, patience, with their employees than Sagar Wright.

You will learn our unique 55 Step Professional Headhunter Process, proven to produce top performers as well as be provided with our total support and resources to ensure your success.

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The Career and Rewards

We enjoy a career structure that mirrors our global consulting clients as follows...

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Senior Consultant
Senior Manager

Each progression grade offers a significant increase in salary, culminating in Directorship which also offers company growth bonuses, and company commercial bonuses.

We recruit experienced hires at each of our 5 grades.

In return, Sagar Wright offers excellent rewards to its Professional Headhunters:-

Fantastic Earnings
The most hard working Professional Headhunters can achieve outstanding personal earnings every year, well in excess of £100,000 per annum. Our Professional Headhunters’ earnings are always under the complete control of the Professional Headhunters themselves.

Tremendous Incentives
Sagar Wright’s high performers enjoy regular opportunities to win a wide range of vouchers for Harvey Nichols, Virgin, Apple, TM Lewin and Gaucho. Our top performers enjoy regular weekends away to the UK’s top hotels and an all expensed super trip to Monte Carlo.

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The Environment

Our environment is professional, competitive, dynamic, vibrant, and extremely energetic...

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All of our employees are extremely highly valued – they are after all our business! Support is generously given from all of our Directors, Senior Managers and Managers. Our office is a hugely enjoyable place to work, and we are regularly out for drinks after work and enjoy many quarterly social events such as days at the races, evenings at comedy clubs and fine dining restaurants.

Our office is contemporary in its design and based right in the heart of Leeds City Centre, benefitting from excellent transport links and perfect proximity to the City’s very best bars and restaurants.

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The City

Leeds is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, and has experienced huge infrastructural investment recently; such as the Leeds First Direct Arena and the £350M Trinity shopping complex and the recently opened Victoria Gate; home to the largest John Lewis department store outside London and a range of luxury and designer brands, including 17 new to Leeds.

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The Leeds City Region has a business base of over 100,000 companies staffed by 1.3 million workers, making it the largest and fastest growing workforce of any UK city region. It also has the UK’s largest financial services cluster outside London, and is also recognised as the UK's most important legal centre outside London, with over 180 law firms operating within Leeds.

Aside from the economic prosperity, thriving shopping scene and diverse nightlife venues, Leeds is in close proximity to other tourist towns, cities and attractions such as York, Harrogate, the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, and the Lake District so there’s never an excuse to be bored!

The cost of living in Leeds is also massively less than the capital, especially in respect of buying a quality home. Many of our Professional Headhunters achieve house ownership in a much shorter space of time than they would do if they were based in London and at a fraction of the cost, despite London being only c2hours away by train. Life in Yorkshire is fast paced in the city and relaxed in the countryside, offering the perfect balance of work, rest and play, without any unreasonable worries of cost of living expenses.

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