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The Company

Sagar Wright, a recent finalist for Yorkshire Graduate Employer of the Year, was founded in 1999 as a premium brand of Professional Headhunters and Talent Acquisition Consultants servicing the UK's Professional Services Sectors.

We have organically expanded our premier client portfolio significantly each year, and we now enjoy excellent client relationships across the much wider Financial & Legal markets, both Nationally & Internationally.

Our business has ambitious growth plans over the next 3 years, and we will be hiring significantly to further drive the level of quality and performance we provide to our clients.  These include global consultancies, law firms, investment banks, fund managers and leading corporate and private client advisory companies.

The bulk of our profits are annually reinvested into our business to fund our employees' career and reward aspirations, maximise our resources to guarantee we exceed our clients' expectations, and to fund our growth objectives over the coming years.

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More info

Degree: Business Studies with Marketing, 1st Class

Role: Senior Manager

Having moved to Leeds after university I chose to apply to Sagar Wright for a number of different reasons. Firstly, I had always wanted a career in business and Sagar Wright gave me the opportunity to work at a very high level, with top-tier clients almost immediately after my training. Secondly, as a driven and ambitious young chap I wanted to find a role with entrepreneurial freedom, in which I could develop my own business & progress quickly. Thirdly, I wanted to develop my business development skills, as I had realised that relationship building, service delivery & revenue generation were vital skills to have in any business environment, and would help me guarantee my own success.

The recruitment process was an almost perfect representation of working life at Sagar Wright. It was tough, challenging, frustrating, very hard work, yet enjoyable, fun, developmental, with plenty of support along the way.

Since joining, I have gone from a raw, unskilled graduate to effectively running my own business within the Sagar Wright structure. I lead and manage all of our key investment client relationships, I have developed a number of new markets and have won plenty of new clients for Sagar Wright. I am now one of the top performers companywide and could not have achieved this without the continuous skill development that I receive from my manager & from those around me.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of working here, is the freedom you are given to forge your own career path. Sagar Wright operates an Equity Partnership Scheme, where you can receive investment from the MD to set up your own business in conjunction with Sagar Wright. I have a little way to go yet, but I've firmly set my sights on achieving this.

Degree: Business Management (In-Company), 1st Class

Role: Consultant

I came across Sagar Wright in the first year of my Business Management degree course at Nottingham Trent University, which required me to undertake a two year placement whilst working full-time alongside my studies! It’s a tough task but I have always been driven, ambitious and keen to maximise my earning potential. When you’re at University it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you want to do in the future so I wanted to make sure that the placement I chose provided genuine exposure to the business world and a platform for a very successful career once I’d graduated.

From the outset Sagar Wright differentiated itself against the other potential employers on offer. Attending presentations from the likes of multinational banks, car manufacturers and large retailers allowed me to consider a broad range of opportunities, however for me Sagar Wright stood above the rest as I really felt I could make a difference to the organisation, and play a meaningful role. The recruitment process was really challenging but it gave me a refreshing insight into the actual role of a Professional Headhunter and the activities included in the interview were an exciting taster of what I could expect, should I be successful in achieving the position.

Working as a Professional Headhunter at Sagar Wright has provided me with the opportunity to form relationships with senior and influential business leaders within FTSE 50 firms, something you wouldn’t typically expect as an undergraduate. The exposure and autonomy that I have received has allowed me to significantly develop my skills and prepared me for my current role, which involves independently running my own section of the financial services market. Working on a one-to-one basis with a Director of the firm has allowed me to learn from their experience & expertise which I feel has been extremely valuable in my professional development. There’s so much training, support and development available in the firm and I feel my skills have developed hugely over the last 2 years.

After I finished my studies, I was offered a graduate role and having achieved close to double my target, I’m very much looking forward to a great first year as a Consultant. My goals over the next two years include building my business further, becoming the ‘go to’ Consultant in the sector and working towards promotion to Senior Consultant.

The Job

Sagar Wright’s Professional Headhunters are constantly challenged and therefore mentally stimulated on a daily basis. The job requires self-motivation, resilience, a hard work ethic and a daily desire to develop skills & knowledge

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This is an entrepreneurial environment in which our Consultants are required to be highly skilled at written and verbal communication, persuasion, negotiating and selling.

Our training will enable you to be an effective dual project manager; managing your clients’ difficult assignments which may be critical to their business objectives, and managing your candidates’ career aspirations, interviews, salary expectations, job offers, counter-offers, and their ultimate transition from present employer to new employer.

A successful Professional Headhunter has a much more testing set of responsibilities, objectives and tasks than that of a Recruitment Consultant, therefore the rewards are naturally much higher, with greater control of: financial success; financial incentives; career progression; skills development; professional status and job satisfaction.

Your first year will inevitably be the toughest; you’ll have to work exceptionally hard to develop your skills, build your professional network, expand your client base, and face-up to the challenges that our standards demand. Our Graduate Training Academy will equip you with everything you need to achieve the success you crave, bar one item – your individual effort!

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The Career

Your career progression at Sagar Wright is industry-leading for two main reasons

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1. Control is in the hands of the employee and not in the hands of the Directors.

2. Timescales are the fastest that they can reasonably be; our Graduate Trainees can achieve the following progression in these timescales:

Year 1 – Consultant
Year 2 – Senior Consultant
Year 3 – Manager
Year 4 – Senior Manager
Year 6 – Director

Needless to say therefore, Sagar Wright offers a true meritocracy whereby all employees can achieve their full potential in a company that also values autonomy. This ensures that our Professional Headhunters enjoy the entrepreneurial freedom to maximise their own success and in turn, contribute to the overall success of the business.

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The Training

The investment of time and money into training and development at Sagar Wright needs to be substantial, such are the demands of regularly producing successful shortlists of top talent for our clients

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We have therefore developed our own dedicated Graduate Training Academy which achieves our clients’ business objectives, our own business objectives, and importantly our trainees’ development & success objectives. Notably, Recruitment Companies invest significantly less time, money, dedicated training expertise and sadly, patience, in their trainees than Sagar Wright.

You will benefit from a full 13 month training & development programme, managed daily by our Graduate Training Academy Director and our Graduate Training Academy Manager, both of whom are dedicated, proven developers of people’s skills, knowledge and success.

You will work side-by-side with your fellow trainees, progressively increasing your skills via a mixture of classroom-based learning, projects and assignments, evenings with senior colleagues, development meetings, and most of all on-the-job assignment work assisting experienced colleagues.

You will learn our unique 55 Step Professional Headhunter Process, proven to produce top performers. Your knowledge and skill gains will include client consulting, business communications, how to build your professional network, how to expand your client base, technical CV writing, interview preparation, offer negotiation and presentation, and candidate resignation management.

Once you are signed off to work on your own assignments, you will still enjoy 2:1 support on a daily basis involving constant commercial analysis and feedback, advanced training from the Director Team and Weekly Development Team Meetings.

The result – you will graduate from our academy as a Consultant, able to continue your progression annually, and achieve the exceptional success that matches your aspirations. In terms of personal earnings, our Consultants don’t earn less than £30,000 in their first year; our top performer achieved £62,000 in his first year.

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The Rewards

Fantastic earnings, tremendous incentives, and the chance to set up your own business

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Fantastic Earnings
The most hard working Professional Headhunters can achieve outstanding personal earnings every year, well in excess of £100,000 per annum. Our Professional Headhunters’ earnings are always under the complete control of the Professional Headhunters themselves.

Tremendous Incentives
Sagar Wright’s high performers enjoy their regular opportunities to win a wide range of vouchers for Harvey Nichols, Virgin, Apple, TM Lewin and Gaucho. Our top performers enjoy regular weekends away to the UK’s top hotels and our top trainees also enjoy an all expensed super trip to Barcelona.

Set Up Your Own Business
Aside from the control of one’s own earnings and the progression pathway to Director, Sagar Wright also offers a generous equity partnership option whereby the opportunity to set up one’s own company within the Sagar Wright Group is readily available.

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The Environment

Our environment is professional, competitive, dynamic, vibrant, and extremely energetic

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All of our employees are highly valued – they are after all our business! Support for our Graduate Trainees is generous from all of our Directors, Senior Managers and Managers. Our office is a hugely enjoyable place to work, and we are regularly out for drinks after work and enjoy many quarterly social events such as days at the races, evenings at comedy clubs and fine dining restaurants.

Our office is contemporary in its design and based right in the heart of Leeds City Centre, benefiting from excellent transport links and perfect proximity to the City’s very best bars and restaurants.

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The City

Leeds is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, and has experienced huge infrastructural investment recently; such as the Leeds First Direct Arena and the £350M Trinity shopping complex and the recently opened Victoria Gate; home to the largest John Lewis department store outside London and a range of luxury and designer brands, including 17 new to Leeds.

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The Leeds City Region has a business base of over 100,000 companies staffed by 1.3 million workers, making it the largest and fastest growing workforce of any UK city region. It also has the UK’s largest financial services cluster outside London, and is also recognised as the UK's most important legal centre outside London, with over 180 law firms operating within Leeds.

Aside from the economic prosperity, thriving shopping scene and diverse nightlife venues, Leeds is in close proximity to other tourist towns, cities and attractions such as York, Harrogate, the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, and the Lake District so there’s never an excuse to be bored!

The cost of living in Leeds is also massively less than the capital, especially in respect of buying a quality home. Many of our Professional Headhunters achieve house ownership in a much shorter space of time than they would do if they were based in London and at a fraction of the cost, despite London being only c2hours away by train. Life in Yorkshire is fast paced in the city and relaxed in the countryside, offering the perfect balance of work, rest and play, without any unreasonable worries of cost of living expenses.

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